Your Grit Guides


Josh Sabraw is a Strength and Conditioning coach who owns Training For Warriors Portland, a small gym in SE Portland. After bouncing around a bit in early childhood, he found himself enlisting in the Army to escape the shenanigans associated with his life choices in Roseburg, Oregon.


His journey as a servicemember, student, self-employed fitness pro and small-business owner has seen ups and downs. In moments of soul-searching and struggle, he has relied upon stories of other’s success and a healthy helping of self-development books and tapes.
Josh has committed to studying grit because it seems to be the x-factor of an individuals success, especially people like him. If you have no money, fame or natural talent, then by-god you had better be gritty!
Kasey Jones is a marketer, coach, and startup consultant. She runs a bustling demand generation consulting firm, A Better Jones, where she helps B2B startupsĀ of all shapes, sizes, and value propositions implement campaigns, systems, and processes to develop long-lasting revenue growth.
She is deeply passionate about the everlasting pursuit of leveling up in fitness, career, and life, so she makes a practice of listening to, learning from, and studying the success stories of those that have come before her.
She started tapping into her personal grit while dealing with a whole host of health issues, CMT – a genetic, degenerative, neurological disease, Hashimoto’s – an auto-immune thyroid disease, and Lyme disease – a tick-borne bacterial infection. All have tested her will to stay positive, herĀ belief in the possibility of recovering, and her discipline to follow sometimes frustrating treatment protocols.