Don’t think. Just start.

My fierce, inspiring, and gritty as all get out friend, Lauren Prince, sent me the video below recently. And the message resonated loud and clear. When we’re down, when we’re low, scared, and struggling, we often feel paralyzed. Taking even the simplest step forward feels impossible.

During my divorce, I would often have total meltdowns, all out sob-filled panic attacks, when I would say “I can’t do it” over and over and over again. I didn’t really even know what I meant. I had nothing in mind when I’d say “it.” I didn’t know what I couldn’t do, but I was sure that I couldn’t.

Move on, have a normal life, climb out of our immense marital debt, feel joy again, be healthy…face the world. Whatever it was, I was sure it was beyond me.

And I kept searching for some big answer. For a long while, I kept trying to plan what my new life would look like. I was convinced I needed to figure it out, whatever the hell that meant.

And then I just started doing. Sometimes it was just random things that moved me. I followed my gut. I bought a weird 70s almost pornographic painting from a thrift store because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. On a trip to Vegas with Andy, I rented a yellow Camaro and we saw the Grand Canyon. I started reading more. I wrote 750 words a day for a while. I traveled to Cuba and Lebanon.

And now the doing is a way of being. I’ve started a business. I’m beginning this Grit project with Josh. I took a carpentry class and built a bench for my entry way. I learned how to knit (terribly, but we’ll get there).

Watch this video and do it – whatever the heck it is.


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